Seneca Global Services

Seneca Global Services, LLC (SGS) is a Tribally-owned Native American company participating in the U.S. SBA 8(a) Business Development Program. We offer an extensive suite of program and technical services to the government.

Federal agencies require a trusted partner to navigate today’s challenges. We provide efficient and innovative solutions to help advance mission goals and address today’s challenges in information technology, engineering, and program management.

Contracting Advantages with a Native American 8(a) Company

SGS has several exemptions under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):

  • Special Exemptions – Tribal entities have a special set of rules under the 8(a) Program, excluding exemptions for lifetime contract limits (13CFR124.109; 13CFR519(a)(1)).
  • Exemption from Competitive Thresholds – Tribal (8(a) businesses are exempt from the Competitive Threshold of $4M for Services Contracts and $6.5M for Manufacturing Contracts (FAR 19.805-1(b)(2); 13CFR124.311(b)).
  • Direct Negotiated Contract – A Government Agency may contract directly with an 8(a) Tribal entity…and the entity may receive a directly negotiated contract regardless of dollar amount (13CFR124.506(b)).
  • No Award Dollar Limit – An 8(a) Tribal entity is not subject to the same dollar limitations on directly negotiated contracts as other non-native entities (13CFR124.506(b)).
  • No Protest of Award – The eligibility of a participant for a directly negotiated award many not be challenged by another participant or any other party, either to the SBA or any administrative forum as part of a bid or other contract protest (3CFR124.517(a)).
  • SDB and Native Credits – Federal agencies contracting to a 8(a) Tribal entity may claim SDB and Native American credits (13CFR124.105 and .109), states and localities where Seneca conducts business.
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Company Point of Contact:
Matthew Jesinsky
Company President
(703) 307-4251
1420 Central Park Blvd
Suite 204
Fredericksburg, VA 22401


  • Mission Support Services

  • IT Management and Solutions

  • Financial & Audit Management

  • Human Resource Support

  • Healthcare Services

  • Vehicle Support Services

  • Integrated Product Services