Leadership Team

Jeffrey Ellis – Chief Executive Officer

Jeff serves as Chief Executive Officer of Seneca Holdings, LLC.  He has held various roles since joining Seneca in 2013 and is now responsible for the overall growth and direction of the organization.  Read more »

Stan Fleming – Chief Operating Officer, Seneca Holdings, LLC

Stan serves as Chief Operating Officer at Seneca Holdings, LLC. He has extensive experience in both federal and commercial businesses, with a passion for accelerating business outcomes for Indigenous-owned enterprises. He has consulted with traditional owners in the US, Australia and Papua New Guinea, and operationally led the creation and growth of 12 businesses for those Indigenous-owned organizations over the last 17 years. Read more »

Mark Branden – Senior Vice President

Mark is Senior Vice President at Seneca Holdings, LLC and has worked for the company since 2010.  He works closely with the Management Committee and the Seneca Nation, and oversees the finance and accounting for the Seneca Nation Group family of companies. Read more »

Maureen Reilly – Chief Financial Officer

Maureen has been with the company since 2013 and serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Seneca Holdings, LLC.  She is responsible for the financial reporting of Holdings and its subsidiaries. Read more »

Jason Ahn – Vice President, Business Development

Jason serves as Vice President of Business Development at Seneca Holdings, LLC.  He leverages his background in marketing and sales with other globally recognized companies, military service and Tribal/Alaskan experience to provide leadership in business development and other areas. Read more »

Carmina Carper – President, Great Hill Solutions, LLC

Carmina service as the President for Great Hill Solutions, LLC (GHS). She oversees operations, focusing on the standardization and continuous improvement of processes and procedures, and the execution of high-quality service for our clients. Read more »

Brenda Frank – Vice President, Project Controls

Brenda serves as Vice President of Project Controls for Seneca Holdings, LLC. She is responsible for overall project administration/controls and procurement functions for the Seneca Nation Group companies. Read more »

Michael Grammo – Vice President, Finance & Operations

Michael serves as the Vice President of Finance & Operations of Seneca Holdings, LLC.  He oversees the financial operations across all the Seneca Nation Group companies, conducts analysis to support organizational strategy and supports business development activities. Read more »

Matthew Jesinsky – President, Seneca Global Services, LLC

Matt is the President of Seneca Global Services, LLC and Executive Protection Systems, LLC.  He is a seasoned executive with 25+ years of business experience, particularly with Tribal/Alaskan owned organizations.  He currently leads teams of professionals providing a variety of products and services to the federal government.  Read more »

Kerrie McCabe – President, Seneca Solutions

Kerrie serves as the President of Seneca Solutions, where she is responsible for the performance of all contracts and personnel. She has more than 20 years of experience in management, consulting, training and learning, leadership development, and human capital solutions for industry and government. Read more »

Ryan Rothman – Director, Legal & Compliance

Ryan serves as Director of Legal and Compliance for Seneca Holdings, LLC. He is an attorney and veteran of the United States Air Force.  Ryan is responsible for contracts and compliance for the Seneca Nation Group and supports proposal development. Read more »

Eric Smith – Vice President, Business Development

Eric serves as Vice President of Business Development at Seneca Holdings, LLC. He leverages the Seneca Nation Group’s diverse portfolio of capabilities and his background in strategy, business development, capture, and proposals to drive growth.  Read more »

Bryan Stanford – Director, Human Resources

Bryan is the Director of Human Resources for Seneca Holdings, LLC. He is responsible for the development and execution of Human Resources operations and initiatives that support the Seneca Nation Group companies near term and long-range business objectives. Read more »