Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today given that I had a choice. They provided high-quality equipment and personnel. They were very responsive to questions from the government, and were proactive in identifying potential challenges and offering solutions. They worked with the government to produce a detailed production schedule, and then executed that schedule without issues. They worked within our budgets, and were able to contain costs even when requirements shifted due to evolving White House requirements. Overall, they provided great service to the government and should be considered for future contracts.”

State Department customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2020

“The Mission Support Engineers provide an exceptional knowledge base in systems operations, performing preventive and corrective maintenance, conducting troubleshooting with the use of common test equipment, conducting refresher/continuation training, and facilitating warranty actions in support of critical mission operations.” 

USSOCOM customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2020

“Of significant value to the Government was Seneca’s proactive approach to managing their schedules to align with other vendors. In particular, the Seneca team was highly supportive of integrating the DMRS schedule for the program to ensure that all aspects of development, functional and technical support were completed. Seneca’s proactive approach demonstrated that it put the Government’s interest first and they were able to help the Government formulate “out of the box” solutions to the highest risk issues facing the Government.”

DLA customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2020

“Seneca has consistently demonstrated their ability to provide higher quality products than other vendors that far exceed the minimum deliverable requirements. They went above and beyond the expectations of the deliverable for Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Budget Support.  The Seneca team provided budget support that included several unplanned analyses evaluating the impact of various events on the cost and schedule of the program, all in addition to the traditional POM and budget support. These analyses were completed quickly and very thoroughly, and supported successful briefings to [senior leadership]. The attention to detail and commitment Seneca has given to this task far exceeds the periodic updates required per [the] PWS.”

DSCA customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2019

“The customer has been extremely happy with the contractor’s progress, there have been no issues. The contractor has exceeded expectations with project schedules. All due-outs have been met on or before schedule.”

Air Force customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2018

“EPS has consistently demonstrated their ability to provide higher quality products than other vendors that far exceed the minimum deliverable requirements.”

DLA customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2019

“Seneca has highly respectful, professional CMEs and management. They are very responsive and timely in the performed duties.”

DLI customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2019

“The Contractor always met and exceeded contractual requirement. Recognized…for the splendid work in coordinating and executing two major Program Reviews. The Contractor coordinated with departmental government leads with compiling of the annual Requirement Division. Recognized by Air Force Historian as “best ever report seen to date”.

Air Force customer, “Exceptional” CPARS in 2019